Once upon a New York afternoon in the fall of 2014, Girija (Gigi) Gholkar embarked on an inter-borough doughnut crawl. While she was inspired by the classic and trendy varieties New York had to offer, she couldn’t help but notice the lack of great-tasting vegan options. So she started testing recipes in her Upper West Side kitchen, trying unexpected combinations of all-natural ingredients until she arrived at a doughnut as irresistible as New York’s tastiest. She began selling her creations at markets around the city, and thus, Gigi’s Doughnuts was born.


Gigi’s love for pastries began at the age of 22, when she baked her very first carrot cake from scratch. Discovering just how special desserts can be when they’re made with love and only the most natural ingredients, she began experimenting with recipes to create uniquely-flavored doughnuts that were as good as the ingredients that went into them. When they became too delicious to keep to herself, Gigi decided to pursue her doughnut dreams.